Rout Is Complete, Total, Undeniable

Rout Is Complete, Total, Undeniable

Can you tell me that joke again? Please? You know the one: "Notre Dame barely beat teams that aren't nearly as good as Alabama, so Notre Dame can barely beat Alabama!" Haha! That's my favorite.

The Crimson Tide beat the Fighting Irish, 42-14, for the national title with the oldest trick in the book: having much better players. Notre Dame was not simply beaten; it was overmatched.

Notre Dame had the fantasy of keeping it close, making a couple of plays on special teams and winning in the fourth quarter, but that was overwhelmed by the reality of having to play Alabama in football. Alabama enjoys football very much. Football is sort of its thing.

Football is also the South's thing, and the SEC's thing, and you might be sick of it, but that doesn't change the truth. The rest of the country is playing catch-up, and not playing it particularly well. Notre Dame earned its spot in the title game, but that just means it earned this butt-kicking.

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