Kaepernick Makes Winner of Harbaugh

Kaepernick Makes Winner of Harbaugh

You may not realize this yet, but you will soon: The storyline for this weekend's 49ers-Packers playoff game has already been written. It's about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

If the 49ers win, then coach Jim Harbaugh was brilliant for making Kaepernick his starter even after Alex Smith was cleared to play. If the 49ers lose, Harbaugh was wrong. This is the obvious angle for anybody who analyzes the game. I can see it from 2,000 miles and three days away.

I understand this completely. But I'm going to reach a verdict before the trial. Harbaugh absolutely made the right decision to start Kaepernick.

The 49ers might lose to Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers might outplay Kaepernick. (That one will probably happen -- Rodgers is the best player in the league.) But the 49ers have their quarterback, for this year and the next decade. And they only know that for sure because Harbaugh made the incredibly bold decision to bench Alex Smith.

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