The Defeatist: A Measure of Watt's Dominance

The Defeatist: A Measure of Watt's Dominance

Some people call him J.J. Watt. Others call him “The Milkman.” A few call him MegaWatt, though the nickname never stuck, for obvious reasons (it stinks). Soon, we will all call him Defensive Player of the Year.

For now, I like to call J.J. Watt “The Defeatist,” because no one has ever been the cause of so many defeats.

The Ecstasy of Defeat

A Defeat is a statistic used by Football Outsiders to tabulate the number of big plays a defender is involved in. Three types of plays count as Defeats: a) turnovers or tipped passes that lead to turnovers; b) tackles for a loss (including sacks); and c) tackles or passes defensed that prevent a conversion on third or fourth down. Tackle totals can include lots of routine plays after 12-yard gains, while sack totals miss lots of other major contributions. Every Defeat is an important play by the defender.

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