'Surreal' Clippers Stealing the Scene in LA

'Surreal' Clippers Stealing the Scene in LA

Wednesday was just another night to come out and write about greatness and the Clippers. Write that a few years ago and the men in white coats would come and get you.


Right now, in the entertainment capital of the world, they are the best sports entertainment.


For the moment, Lakers Showtime gathers cobwebs. The once great and celebrated lost their fifth straight in San Antonio and the separation the two teams are achieving in public perception is becoming startling. That loss, combined with a Clippers' victory, had the Clippers leading the Lakers in the Pacific Division by 12 1/2 games. Unheard of. Not on anybody's radar. Ever.

Ralph Lawler, who has been doing Clippers play by play for 34 years, describing for the faithful the years of the ugly and the years of the even uglier, has the right word. He calls what is happening now "surreal."


"My wife and I wake up in the morning, look at each other and look at what is going on," he says. "We aren't the best team in the Pacific or the West, but the best team in the entire NBA. The record [28-8] measures that. That may change, but it's the way it is right now."

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