Hire a Salesman to Save the NHL

Hire a Salesman to Save the NHL

There is an irony in the NHL's announcement that its latest lockout is over -- the timing is perfect.


Good timing and NHL are seldom used together in the same sentence, yet here we sit -- the NFL is nearing its conclusion and the college football season has finally run out of bowl games.


Locally, the Cowboys are busy making people at Valley Ranch so "uncomfortable" that most everybody is going to return, the Mavericks owner is upset about the officiating, and Rangers pitchers and catchers don't report for more than a month.


There may never be a better time for the NHL and the Dallas Stars to return than right now. There is such a dearth of local quality sports programming that maybe you will even notice a team, and a league, that can't help but repeatedly give you reasons to ignore both.


Here is the hard truth about the NHL and the Dallas Stars: nobody cares. Personally, I am just hoping you made it this far in a column about hockey.



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