Lesson Learned? Time Will Tell With RG3

Lesson Learned? Time Will Tell With RG3

It’s time to dial back the debate on whether Mike Shanahan should have pulled Robert Griffin III earlier in Sunday’s playoff game and focus on the next important decision Shanahan will make: when to bring Griffin back.


Dr. James Andrews said after Tuesday’s procedure that he expected Griffin to be back for the 2013 season. The most optimistic prediction has recovery taking six to eight months. Lesser optimism gives it nine to 12 months. The least optimistic, of course, is that Griffin will never play again.

 refuse to believe that third scenario, given Griffin’s tremendous work ethic. He’ll be back to pulling tires, eating Subway sandwiches and washing them down with Gatorade before we know it. But in six to eight months? That would put him ready to play for the season opener — without any offseason work, training camp or exhibition games. (If the Redskins use him in any exhibition game for the rest of his career, they’re crazy. Talk about a ridiculous risk-to-reward ratio.)


But whatever the Redskins do, they will be scrutinized like never before — and that’s saying something, in this town. Bring him back too early, and all the strides the Redskins made this season — largely behind Griffin — will be lost. Bring him back with a completely unchanged playbook, and Griffin may be lost, for good.

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