Please, Protect Griffin From Himself

Please, Protect Griffin From Himself

On a quiet night in June, the first time I'd met Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, the circumstances forced me to furrow my eyebrows in wonderment.

Is this dude serious right now?

It was borderline weird, if not just a little quirky.


As the clock neared midnight, Griffin was running sprints in a dark hotel parking lot in Aurora, Ohio, where the NFL had just begun its annual rookie symposium. Hundreds of his fellow rookies were inside, hanging in the lobby or relaxing in their rooms, since they weren't allowed to leave the property.

RG3, instead, was doing his best impression of Batman, literally sprinting into the darkness for nearly 100 yards, to the point where you could no longer see him, and could hear only the rapid patter of his feet. He would then turn around and walk back to his starting point, a process he repeated deep into the early morning.

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