Sadly, Kings' Move Will Help Maloofs

Sadly, Kings' Move Will Help Maloofs

If this proposed deal to sell and move the Sacramento Kings goes through – today, tomorrow or, knowing the bumbling goofball owners, next year – there will be cheering in Seattle and tears of joy that’ll fall like that city’s raindrops. And that’s exactly when everyone should just check themselves.

A celebration? Really? Ripping one city’s heart out in order to transplant it into another is cause for a parade? Well, any way you look at this particular case, there’s nothing that’s good or noble, even if poetic justice is eventually served to Seattle.

That’s because this is all about a money grab. Not basketball, or fans, or what’s good for a particular city. And screw that whole romantic idea about giving Seattle what it lost five years ago when the Sonics left for Oklahoma City. If the Maloofs were offered a pile of presidents to ship the Kings to Sheboygan, off they go. They couldn’t care less about mending Seattle’s broken sports heart. They want to cut the best deal and line their tiny pockets and satisfy their huge, empty egos.

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