What's New? HOF Process Amoral, Illogical

What's New? HOF Process Amoral, Illogical

The hand-wringing and vein-knotting over today’s Hall of Fame inductees – or lack thereof – has offered more than the usual amusement with what is already one of American sport’s most spectacular preening opportunities.

In short, we have spent a solid month, and before that months of anticipation, worrying about this day, and the results that could throw baseball into turmoil for years to come.

In shorter shirt, we’ve been acting the collective fool.

Now that None Of The Above won induction into the Hall of Nothing Whatsoever, there has come a continental hailstorm of thought, analysis, hand-wringing and tortured prose and logic about what just happened or didn’t happen or could happen if we’re not all very mindful of responsibilities as voters, and non-voters alike.

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