Why Packers' Owners Should Sue NFL

Why Packers' Owners Should Sue NFL

The shareholders of the Green Bay Packers should take the NFL to court.

The Packers were organized as a nonprofit corporation in 1919, and currently, the organization has nearly 375,000 shareholders. While shares of Packers’ stock pay no dividend, owners are allowed to vote each year on various aspects of the organization’s operation, and they are empowered by certain rights and responsibilities.

The NFL marred the 2012 season by hiring a horrendously incompetent bunch of replacement referees. Throughout the first three weeks of play, blown calls were routine, and repeated stories of bias, incompetence, and under-qualification were the norm. One replacement official, for instance, was fired for incompetence from the satirically bad Lingerie Football League. 

In Week 3 of the NFL regular season, the Packers lost to the Seahawks in Seattle on a bad call that the NFL still refused to admit was incorrect. Initially, the refs ruled Green Bay had lost on a last-second touchdown by Seattle receiver Golden Tate. The field captain for the Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight – replacement referee Wayne Elliot – upheld side judge Lance Easley’s errant call after video review. The call cost the Packers the game and, when they finished 11-5, a first-round playoff bye and a divisional home game.

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