Football = Suicide an Unprovable Equation

Football = Suicide an Unprovable Equation

If you are someone who plays football, or love someone who plays football, this is a story you should hear. This is a story that could save a life.

A couple of weeks ago, Jeffrey Kutcher got a call from a now retired six-year NFL veteran. Kutcher is a neuroscientist who is on the cutting edge of brain research. As director of the Michigan Neurosport Program at the University of Michigan, he works with athletes and former athletes every day. And this call was troubling.

His wife was very upset, the former player explained. He had mood issues. He couldn't concentrate. He had trouble holding a job. He had headaches. Bad headaches.

The player mentioned Junior Seau, who had taken his own life after a career of hard hits. He mentioned Dave Duerson, the former Chicago Bear who shot himself in the chest to preserve his brain for scientific research. Kutcher says the player has been contacted by a university research hospital about donating his own brain.

He was scared.

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