Notre Dame Could Survive Loss of Kelly

Notre Dame Could Survive Loss of Kelly

Breathe in, breathe out, Notre Dame.

It’s going to be OK. Don’t panic.

Not again. If Brian Kelly leaves, things will be OK.


Kelly reportedly interviewed with the Philadelphia Eagles roughly 96 hours after he said he had no idea if any NFL team had contacted his agent. He also had said Saturday in Miami before the BCS Championship Game, that leaving Notre Dame was not an option.

Basically, he lied. Leaving is an option, and it always was. Not only that, but I think he should take the job, unless the Chicago Bears have called, too. For several reasons, Kelly is a good fit for the NFL, where he can focus entirely on football, and not on the things he isn’t into, like molding young men. I wrote about it Monday here.

The question is where this leaves Notre Dame. What should it do now?

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