PGA Could See Plethora of 1st-Time Winners

PGA Could See Plethora of 1st-Time Winners

Gambling on golf is by-in-large an exercise in futility. Not dissimilar from playing ping pong with a blindfold on -- sure, you're going to hit a winner every once in a while, but most often all you leave empty handed and bummed out.

This was noted in an excellent GolfDigest piece yesterday:

In other sports, outcomes are far more predictable. In thoroughbred racing the favored horse wins about a third of the time. In major league baseball games the favored team wins nearly 60 percent of the time. In men's tennis Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic each win slightly more than 80 percent of their matches.

Golf, by contrast, is a lottery.

But that's sure not going to keep me from trying to win it.

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