50 Ways to Find Perfect New NFL Head Coach

50 Ways to Find Perfect New NFL Head Coach

It’s football coach interviewing season. Every team with a coaching vacancy wants to find the next coaching genius who will lead the team to championships as far as the eye can see. 


Hard to do? Not at all. All of us who sit on our couches watching football every Sunday know the job is not difficult. It would be easy for teams to find a great coach if they asked these 50 simple questions of every candidate. 


1. Are you willing to do what it takes to win now? 


2. Can you promise that you won’t mortgage the long-term future of the organization by winning now? 


3. Will you play an exciting, dynamic brand of football that will get our fans excited? 


4. Will you focus on fundamentals and execution, knowing that winning above all else is the goal? 


5. How do you intend to make all of your challenges successful? 


6. Timeouts. Will you always have all of them available late in the game? 

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