Browns' Choice Not Flashy, But Smart

Browns' Choice Not Flashy, But Smart

The coaching search conducted by the Cleveland Browns sure seemed (from the outside at least) … well … complex ... at times.


But in the end the Browns may have gotten it right.


Which may be the most amazing thing of all.


Rob Chudzinski is the 14th coach of the Cleveland Browns, and he’s a good coach. A very good coach.


The kid from Toledo who went to St. John’s who grew up rooting for the Browns before taking his talents to Coral Gables to play for “the U” comes full circle.


Chudzinski -- everyone calls him “Chud” -- is a bright guy who knows the passing game and a guy who has had some good years running offenses. Think Derek Anderson in 2007, think Cam Newton as a rookie, think Newton’s last few games this past season.


Chudzinski has spent the past two years interviewing to be a head coach (with Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Jacksonville last year, but only the Browns this time).


He’s put in his time. He’s ready.

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