Musburger Wasn't Wrong, He Was Just Corny

Musburger Wasn't Wrong, He Was Just Corny

“When I nod my head, you hit it.” — Moe, from The Three Stooges


IT COMES flying at us, all day, all night, every day. We’re surrounded. To the bell tower! Sanctuary! The best we can do is distribute numbers, like in the deli section at the supermarket.


1. Brent Musburger —


I never have liked the hyperbolic, self-serving content of Musburger’s TV and radio work. Long before CBS had enough of him, 22 years ago, he regularly was identified here as a dare on the better senses. Also, I’m a born, raised and reminded feminist. I have two sisters, no brothers; two daughters, no sons.


But of Alabama QB A.J. McCarron and girlfriend Katherine Webb, during Monday’s national championship on ESPN, Musburger said nothing — nothing — wrong.


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