Time for Falcons to Flex Offense

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It has been a season of, “Yeah, buts …”

The Falcons go 13-3. But the record is a mere launching pad for debates that begin with, “Yeah, but…”

Matt Ryan throws 32 touchdown passes, outplays Drew Brees, a couple of Mannings, and others. But we hear, “Yeah, but…”

The defense ranks among NFL leaders with 20 interceptions and 31 takeaways. Here it comes again: “Yeah, but …”

On Sunday, the NFC’s No. 1 seed will play at home against the No. 5 seed. The Falcons, the No. 1 seed, are favored by only a hiccup. Point spreads are about perception. Perceptions about the Falcons stem from the fact that their obvious success in recent regular seasons (56-24 since 2008) has been submarined...

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