Warrior Mentality Teaches Wrong Lesson

Warrior Mentality Teaches Wrong Lesson

The most revealing quote from the fiasco that was the Washington Redskins' handling of Robert Griffin III's health didn't come from head coach Mike Shanahan, or team doctor and world-renowned sports orthopedist James Andrews. It didn't come from the angry mob of fans calling for Shanahan's head on a pike, or the indignant horde of NFL retirees turned media members who blamed the rest of the press for "nitpicking" about player safety.

No, the most important words of the entire sad affair came from RGIII himself. After Sunday's wild-card game against the Seahawks, the Redskins' quarterback took to Twitter to defend his team's decision to let Griffin stay in play for three quarters after re-aggravating a right knee injury early in the matchup.

"Many may question criticize & think they have all the right answer. But few have been in the line of fire in battle," he tweeted on Monday. Later he added: "When adversity strikes you respond in one of two way....You step aside and give in..Or you step up and fight."

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