With the Jaguars Out, What's Left for Tebow?

With the Jaguars Out, What's Left for Tebow?

Tim Tebow can't go home again. He has nobody to blame but himself.


And you and me and Rex Ryan and the Pittsburgh Steelers' secondary and Planned Parenthood and right-to-lifers. … And let's not forget ESPN.


We all helped turn a middling quarterback into a monster celebrity. And now Tebow is on the side of the road holding a "Will QB for Food" sign.


NFL teams simply don't want a Kardashian holding a clipboard on the sideline. The Jacksonville Jaguars made that clear Thursday at the introductory press conference for Dave Caldwell. The new GM's first order of business was Tebow.


"I can't imagine a scenario where he would be a Jacksonville Jaguar," Caldwell said.


If he can't be a Jaguar, what can Tebow be?


Maybe a spokesman for TiVo and Jockey and Nike. When it comes to football, he might become an Argonaut or Blue Bomber in the Canadian Football League. But his NFL prospects now look bleaker than JaMarcus Russell's.

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