Carmelo Should Have Known Better

Carmelo Should Have Known Better

Forgive me if in the heat of all this bluster about Carmelo Anthony going after Kevin Garnett, I feel the need to point out how badly the New York Knicks' resident superstar really messed up.

On Monday night. And, unfortunately, beyond.

Whether it's Jan. 24 or March 26 in Boston, March 31 in New York or possibly in the postseason, the headlines for any future encounters involving Anthony and Garnett won't be limited to the Knicks versus the Boston Celtics.

Let Melo talk all he wants about things being "settled, done and over with," as he tried to explain a couple of days after the incident. But all it shows is that in spite of his years of experience, growth, maturation and success, he still has dire need for improvement in the realm of public relations.

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