Finally Healthy, Crosby Ready to Roll

Finally Healthy, Crosby Ready to Roll

"Yeah, I'm just excited," Sidney Crosby said. "I just want to get in that first game and get going. I know it's probably going to take a couple to feel good, but I'm just excited for the opportunity."

Excited? Exciting? Crosby said the words over and over again. He never stopped smiling as he spoke in the Penguins' dressing room this week at Consol Energy Center, back in his old spot, back in his old routine. Training camp starts Sunday. The season starts just six days later, with the Penguins reportedly visiting their cross-state rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers.

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"Just the anticipation, all those things kind of one after the other, is exciting," Crosby said.

Especially after all the things that have happened to Crosby one after the other – reaching a new level, suffering a concussion, struggling to recover, seeking out unorthodox treatment, coming back, suffering a setback, identifying a neck problem, coming back again, training hard over the summer, feeling better than ever before, getting locked out, getting involved in talks … getting sick of practicing and riding the emotional roller coaster and waiting to do the one thing he wants to do.

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