Gonzalez Has Done It All Except ...

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 That’s it. A whole career -- more than 1,200 catches, more than 14,000 yards, more than 100 touchdowns -- and for what? No playoff victories. Not a single one. I thought that, as the years went on, he would stare at his locker a little bit longer after each loss. I thought it had something to do with this: Tony Gonzalez sees himself as a winner. He KNOWS that he’s a winner. And yet, he hasn’t won.

He would tell me in his later years that he would not let the playoff losses define him. No way. He saw the way other players lived their whole post-career lives regretting that they never played in a Super Bowl. “That won’t be me,” he insisted. “If I don’t get the chance, I’ll be disappointed, but I won’t let that define me. I just won’t.”


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