Howell, NC State Have a Party

Howell, NC State Have a Party

RALEIGH -- From where he stood, surrounded on the court by jubilant students, Richard Howell could almost see four years into the past. He came to N.C. State in anticipation of moments like this. If it took almost his entire career to get to this point, he wasn’t complaining.

“I definitely wanted to be a part of this -- this rivalry, mix it up a bit,” the senior forward said. “It definitely took time to get here but patience pays off. It’s definitely working now. It was crazy. My ears were about to pop out.”

Howell ranked Saturday’s 84-76 win over No. 1 and previously undefeated Duke ahead of last spring’s NCAA run because of the raucous home-court atmosphere, and as the fans hoisted Lorenzo Brown and C.J. Leslie on their shoulders in a moment of pure joy it was hard to argue. It was pandemonium as the students danced on the floor, one even knocked from his wheelchair only to be rescued by Leslie amid the chaos.

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