NASCAR Trying to Make Things Even

NASCAR Trying to Make Things Even

Brandon Davis said if he had a crystal ball, he could not have predicted a better time to enter the NASCAR arena.

 With the introduction of the Generation 6 car and the elimination of the top 35 rule for qualifying, the new owner of Swan Racing acknowledged his timing couldn’t be better.

“The teams with more funding will ultimately get faster than everyone else, but in the beginning it will really equalize things,” said Davis, who purchased Inception Motorsports last August.

“On top of all that, the top 35 is gone. So now there’s no top 35 and we can go to the race track and qualify against the entire field instead of six cars — before it was seven. Now, we can qualify, and we have as good a shot as anyone else to make the race.

“It’s a very big deal for us and we’re excited about it. A lot of pressure that would have been there a year ago is not there anymore.”

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