This Voter Thinks All-Pro Is All Messed Up

This Voter Thinks All-Pro Is All Messed Up

he Associated Press All-Pro teams were announced Saturday, and the 50 voters -- yes, I am one of the voters -- did some strange things in picking the team. Among the things that caught my eye:

No right tackles. When will they fix this? Left and right tackles are two entirely different positions, and yet every year the first team is made up of all left tackles. This season, it's the Texans' Duane Brown and the Broncos' Ryan Clady. I voted for the Bengals' Andre Smith, a real right tackle, to go with Brown.

How is Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata on the team? Why not just put Ray Lewis there, too? Ngata fought through injuries this season, and he clearly hasn't played at an All-Pro level since 2010. The Buccaneers' Gerald McCoy was ripped off with that reputation pick.

Why is Lions receiver Calvin Johnson not unanimous? Really?

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