At the Least, Gruden Would Give Jags Identity

At the Least, Gruden Would Give Jags Identity

It’s time for that long awaited sequel: “The Return of Chuckie!”


The Jacksonville Jaguars, making a strong case for being the most dysfunctional organization in professional football, waited a full week after “Black Monday” to announce they fired head coach Mike Mularkey after only one season.


The time is now for the Jags to make a statement that they want to be serious. They need to do what former joke Dan Snyder did several years ago with his Redskins. He hired the right people, Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, and said it’s time to get serious and stop being a laughingstock.


Jon Gruden, aka Chuckie, is your man. Call ESPN, do it right now and give the youngest coach ever to win a Super Bowl whatever he wants.

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