Bosh, Duncan Deserve All-Star Starts

Bosh, Duncan Deserve All-Star Starts

On Thursday the NBA will announce the starters for this year's All-Star game, as voted on by the fans. People often ridicule the voting process, but they do so for the wrong reasons.

In the end it doesn't really matter if 62,000 people thought Jeff Green should make the All-Star team or that Andrew Bynum got more votes than Brook Lopez. It's hilarious and wrong, but it's not the end of the world either. People vote for all kinds of stupid things and if that's the price of living in a democracy, then so be it, dammit!

It's not like finishing ninth means anything. There's not a game on Saturday for guys who finished 7-15 in fan voting, which come to think of it wouldn't be a half-bad idea. Even better: Have a League-Pass All-Stars for players who don't make the final cut and let them play after the rookie/soph game, but only make it available for viewing through cut-ups on Synergy. (Seriously, I'd watch the hell out of that.)

All the fans are asked to vote for is the starting five and by and large they often get it right.

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