Eagles Need ... Well, They Don't Really Know

Eagles Need ... Well, They Don't Really Know

Brian Kelly is going back to Notre Dame, becoming the third college coach to rebuff the Eagles. At this rate, Dabo Swinney might not pick up the phone if Jeff Lurie calls.


Don’t worry, Eagles fans. When it comes to landing a head man, history shows college coaches aren’t nearly as successful as NFL assistants, who in turn can’t coach a lick compared to retread head coaches.

Except, of course, when none of that turns out to be true. Which usually is the case.


“There is no question we spent a considerable amount of time and effort looking at who we thought were the best collegiate candidates for our head coaching job,” read an Eagles statement.


There is also no question Lurie has campus fever. College coaches are the latest hiring trend, and the NFL is nothing if not trendy.


Jim Harbaugh caused this one, with an assist from Pete Carroll. Now everybody wants the next college genius, even if that college is Syracuse.

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