Eagles Should Hire Jon Gruden

Eagles Should Hire Jon Gruden

Disclosure: Ten days ago, I started writing a column advocating Jon Gruden to replace Andy Reid as head coach of the Eagles. I decided to go in a different direction, which isn't unusual. What's unusual is reviving an unfinished column and reworking it.

Why now? Three reasons: The Eagles' coaching search  meanders on, with Notre Dame's Brian Kelly handing them another snub. A few notables - Ron Jaworski, Dick Vermeil, Mike Mayock, Brian Baldinger - endorsed Gruden.

Finally, and maybe most compellingly, I've gotten into a couple of Twitter debates on the topic. Why try to make a case in 140 characters when I can do this?

It comes down to this belief: If Gruden returns to the NFL, whether it's here or elsewhere, he will win. Overall, he's better qualified than Lurie's other known candidates to come to Philadelphia, a place he already knows, and do what Reid never quite did.

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