He's Unassuming, But Don't Misjudge Telesco

He's Unassuming, But Don't Misjudge Telesco

The ceremony introducing the new general manager to the media and team staff was held at Chargers Park, under a large party tent adjacent to an outdoor, Olympic-sized, sun-splashed swimming pool, fully functional and inviting, even on a dead-of-winter afternoon.


Tom Telesco — the lean, clean-cut Buffalo boy whose sharp suit couldn’t belie the Rust Belt he wears so proudly — had arrived in a faraway and far different place.


Through a hundred or so questions, on camera and off, the 40-year-old Telesco maintained the cool, executive demeanor you’d expect of a man who’d just been handed the keys to a National Football League team. No matter how wobbly the wheels, no matter how deeply into disrepair the Chargers have fallen, Telesco made it look as if nothing seemed too difficult.


Well, actually, there was that one thing. The text message from 2,600 miles away.


“My dad just sent it,” said Telesco. “It choked me up a bit.”

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