He's Unassuming, But Don't Misjudge Telesco

AP Photo

The ceremony introducing the new general manager to the media and team staff was held at Chargers Park, under a large party tent adjacent to an outdoor, Olympic-sized, sun-splashed swimming pool, fully functional and inviting, even on a dead-of-winter afternoon.


Tom Telesco — the lean, clean-cut Buffalo boy whose sharp suit couldn’t belie the Rust Belt he wears so proudly — had arrived in a faraway and far different place.


Through a hundred or so questions, on camera and off, the 40-year-old Telesco maintained the cool, executive demeanor you’d expect of a man who’d just been handed the keys to a National Football League team. No matter how wobbly the wheels, no matter how deeply into disrepair the Chargers have fallen, Telesco made it...

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