Historic Choke Job By Broncos

Historic Choke Job By Broncos

DENVER -- There have been plenty of mind-blowing choke jobs in the NFL playoffs over the past few decades, but not many can beat what happened at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on Saturday night.

On an evening when the Denver Broncos were one play away from clinching a spot in next Sunday's AFC Championship Game, they imploded in a manner that will be discussed for years to come. At worst, it could become the defining game of Peyton Manning's time in this town.

The Baltimore Ravens offered plenty of great quotes about resolve and a relentless spirit, which was their right after their 38-35 victory in double overtime. But nobody outside of their fan base should buy into such bluster. The Ravens won because they hung around long enough to take advantage of the Broncos' critical errors. That's the only way to explain the way this AFC divisional playoff game played out.

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