No Brady-Manning Matchup OK With Pats

No Brady-Manning Matchup OK With Pats

FOXBOROUGH — It’s a bit of a letdown that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning won’t battle it out in the AFC Championship Game next week with a chance for Manning to close the gap on Brady on the list of the all-time greats.


Brady held up his end of the deal Sunday, one day after the Broncos inconceivably gave up a 70-yard touchdown pass with 31 seconds remaining to allow the Ravens to send the divisional round game into overtime and then Manning’s interception positioned Baltimore for the game-winning field goal.


The Patriots’ methodical 41-28 victory over the outclassed Texans set up the Ravens and Patriots in a rematch of last year’s compelling AFC title game. Instead of Manning vs. Brady, the consolation prize is Brady vs. Ray Lewis, two future Hall of Famers. Brady has no intention of retiring anytime soon while Lewis is done as soon as the Ravens’ season is over.



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