Seahawks Can Build on Painful Loss

Seahawks Can Build on Painful Loss

Eventually the pain will subside and this young team will begin to remember all of the good from this season. And, as they gather for offseason workouts and begin the long preparations for next September, they will look back on this 11-win year and tell themselves this was just the start of something big.

"Next year will be my ninth," Leroy Hill said, about a half-hour after Bryant's field goal, "and it's been a fun ride. You don't get many teams as good as this. And it's only the beginning, man. A lot of young guys, a lot of pieces in place around here. I'm ready to go. I'm ready to shake."

Look around this locker-room-in-mourning and all you see are possibilities.

The young Seahawks defense made mistakes against the Falcons, but it is growing into something enduring. And the secondary will learn from its mistakes, tamp down its braggadocio and mature into a unit that will be celebrated and decorated for most of the rest of this decade. This team is as relentless as Lynch.

Sure, the Seahawks still need pieces, another deep-threat wide receiver, more help on the offensive line. But there is an indefatigable spirit about this team. A belief that never was more obvious than in the fourth quarter, when rookie Russell Wilson practically toyed with the Falcons' defense.

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