Texans' Big Dream Ends in Nightmare

Texans' Big Dream Ends in Nightmare

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - From the day the Texans arrived for training camp almost six months ago, they said "Super Bowl or Bust."

Given those limited choices, you'd have to say this season was a bust.

Not with a capital B - there were 24 other NFL teams that would have liked to have been playing over the weekend that weren't - but still a bust.

No one can blame Houston fans if the season's end left them with an empty feeling, as empty as Reliant Stadium will be next Sunday when the Texans would have been playing for the AFC championship and a Super Bowl berth if they had upset the Patriots.

Instead, this season finished at the exact same place the previous one did, with the Texans winning the AFC South, advancing with a playoff victory at Reliant Stadium and then losing in the second round on the road.

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