Knicks Leave Bizarro World for London

Knicks Leave Bizarro World for London

The Knicks practiced into the night Monday, went through an air travel security checkpoint at their practice facility, then jetted for London, their franchise cornerstone, Carmelo Anthony, all but spirited out of the country under a mysterious veil.

The Knicks will play the Detroit Pistons on Thursday in London in what will presumably be the first regular-season game in a couple of weeks in which Anthony will take the court feeling fully nourished. And because the game is being played overseas, there is little or no chance that the Knicks’ enigmatic owner, James L. Dolan, will have Madison Square Garden employees aim microphones at the court to pick up every in-game conversation in which Anthony is involved, as Dolan is alleged to have done in last Friday’s game at the Garden against the Chicago Bulls.

The disclosure that Anthony had engaged in a restricted diet — no meat or carbohydrates — for 15 days came from the player himself after Sunday afternoon’s victory at home over the New Orleans Hornets. Anthony said he had undertaken the diet “to get some clarity in my life” but was abandoning it because it had left him feeling “de-energized.”

The disclosure that Dolan had instructed two audio technicians to stand at opposite ends of the court to record everything said to and by Anthony during Friday’s game came in The Star-Ledger of Newark, which did not cite any sources.

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