L.A. Ready for Turnaround? Fat Chance

L.A. Ready for Turnaround? Fat Chance

When the conversation regresses from “Can they win the title” to “Can they make the playoffs,” you get a pretty good idea of how crummy the state of the Lakers is right now.


They’re interesting to watch for all the wrong reasons, fighting for relevancy when they were supposed to continue a legacy, and now they run the risk of being a total box-office stink bomb. They were so bad the other day against Oklahoma City that Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler left early -- Hollywood walking out well before the credits rolled, the ultimate thumb-your-nose by an entertainment town.

Is there such thing as a reality disaster show? If so, it’s playing at the Staples Center whenever the Clippers aren’t there, and who could’ve imagined this back in August? The Lakers are 16-21, a record that received a bump when they bravely delivered a must-win against the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers! In early January!


And now we’re left to try to make sense of it all, to apply some perspective to a situation that defies logic, to figure out why Jack didn’t cut them no slack, and to explain how the Lakers can still salvage the season and make the playoffs.

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