Lance Should Give Up His Peers, Methods

Lance Should Give Up His Peers, Methods

The apology you're forced to make is rarely the most sincere. And make no mistake: Lance Armstrong's magical misery tour isn't coming from a place of penitence, but a transparent last-ditch attempt to race again. Even Armstrong's humility is selfish.

From ABC News:


He is also talking to authorities about confessing and naming names, giving up others involved in illegal doping. This could result in a reduction of his lifetime ban, according to the source, if Armstrong provides substantial and meaningful information.


This is the third plank of Armstrong's absolution. First: a public (or at least non-basic cable) confession. Second, righting financial wrongs. (He's being sued by the Sunday Times, which he accused of libeling him and settled in 2006. A Texas-based insurance company, which was forced to pay out millions in performance bonuses, is considering its own suit. An Australian state is seeking repayment of millions in appearance fees. And now the Justice Department may get involved over the funding for Armstrong's USPS team.) The final step? Turn narc.

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