Maryland to Big Ten 'Assault on Tradition'

Maryland to Big Ten 'Assault on Tradition'

You know what’s rich? Here’s what’s rich. Mike Krzyzewski, coach of Duke, lamenting that Maryland will now be “outsiders” in the Big Ten.

Because, whether or not K is correct, for many decades Terps fans have complained about being outsiders in the Tobacco Road-obsessed ACC. So if you want to empathize with the fears of Maryland fans, that is an odd approach to take.

This discussion came on Krzyzewski’s SiriusXM radio show, “Basketball and Beyond.” And it followed a news report on the show by Chris Spatola, who argued that Maryland’s decision to leave the ACC was made by men who were relative newcomers to College Park, and thus lacked an appreciation for the tradition of the ACC.

“What Chris brings up is an important aspect of this,” Coach K then said. “A lot of these decisions are based on college presidents, chancellors and athletic directors who do not have a depth of understanding of the tradition of the institutions that they are leading, the athletic programs of the institutions that they are leading. And they’re making what I call current business decisions, without the knowledge of what they’re giving up for what they think they’re going to make."

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