RIP WAC: Conference That Went Out on Top

RIP WAC: Conference That Went Out on Top

The WAC died, and we didn't even salute it.


By all accounts, 2012 was the year of the MAC. Last year, we caught on to their high-flying mid-week trapeze acts, with 116 points being scored with fever-dreamy offenses. This year, we were going to take them seriously: Ohio and Kent State spent long periods of time in the rankings, and when Northern Illinois eventually won a fittingly thrilling, 44-37, double overtime MAC Championship game, it was going to the Orange Bowl.


Meanwhile, relegated to the shadows, was the old, dying WAC, the Wario-esque evil twin to everybody's favorite dashing underdog conference, replete with mustaches and equally high-scoring, if more nefarious, offenses. They played on Saturdays, like boring regular teams, and as devoid as the MAC was of brand names, the WAC was even devoid-er.


Once upon a time, this conference was strong: when Boise State first stole our hearts, they came from the WAC. They busted into the BCS on the strength of strong season after strong season, eventually getting the chance to take down Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Boise State probably would have appeared in a BCS bowl the next year as well, but they fell to Colt Brennan and Hawaii, who would go on to face Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Once upon a time, LaDanian Tomlinson played college ball in the WAC, and more recently, we enjoyed the craziness of Chris Ault's pistol, run by Colin Kaepernick.

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