Bears Make Risky Hire in QB Guru Trestman

Bears Make Risky Hire in QB Guru Trestman

 The pressure is on Jay Cutler, not just Marc Trestman.

The Chicago Bears decision to hire Trestman as their head coach Wednesday morning is a risky move designed to get the most out of Cutler’s potential as a quarterback. Risky because no matter who coaches Cutler, he may be a quarterback who never becomes as good as his talent suggests.

That has been the case so far during Cutler's seven-year career. Cutler has only been to the playoffs once. He has never had a season in which his passer rating topped 88.1. That was in 2007 with the Broncos. His tenure in Chicago has been marked by too many interceptions, too many temper tantrums and not enough production.

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