Long Odds on Unbeaten College Season

Long Odds on Unbeaten College Season

It’s something of a January tradition in college basketball: If you’re still riding your undefeated high horse coming into conference play, be prepared to get knocked off.

In five of the past 10 Januarys, college basketball lost its final undefeated team. This January, it happened again. Last week college basketball’s three remaining undefeated teams all lost in the span of four days. First it was Arizona losing Thursday at Oregon. Then Duke, ranked No. 1 at the time, lost at North Carolina State on Saturday. On Sunday, Michigan made a furious comeback after being down 21 at Ohio State, but a Trey Burke 3-pointer to tie the game rimmed out, and our final unbeaten went down.

Which brings us to the big question: Will we ever again have a college basketball team that makes it all the way through April without losing a game?

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