Should Lakers Trade Kobe?

Should Lakers Trade Kobe?

It was not all that long ago when Kobe Bryant seemingly was amenable to a trade, with a move to the Bulls among those considered. And, as recently as this past summer, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban mentioned how he previously had been on the verge of acquiring Bryant.

"Literally, in between 'Dancing with the Stars' practices, I thought we had traded at one time for Kobe Bryant," Cuban said during a Dallas ESPN Radio appearance. "I even talked to their owner. I thought we were going to have a done deal and then Mitch Kupchak changed his mind and brought him back."

To the purists, Bryant represents one of the last stay-at-home stars, about to complete an entire career with the same franchise.

But with LeBron winning in Miami, and even with Shaq finding post-Lakers championship success with the Heat, the stigma of chasing a championship has been muted. It no longer is viewed as taking the easy way out. To a degree, it's why Steve Nash arrived in Los Angeles, and Ray Allen in Miami this past summer.

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