Warts and All, College Soccer Valuable

Warts and All, College Soccer Valuable

The clock counts down instead of up, and it stops during the run of play. There is no such thing as stoppage time or an aggregate goal series. Its season is too short. Players can be subbed out, then re-enter. In terms of overall aesthetics, it can resemble a game of Pong more so than the prettiest advertisement of The Beautiful Game.

Needless to say, college soccer has its flaws, and it is not necessarily an ideal way to prepare up-and-coming youth for the rigors of the professional game.

Don't think for a second that it doesn't serve a useful purpose, though.

With dozens of professional hopefuls currently on display at the Major League Soccer Player Combine and another MLS SuperDraft on the horizon this week, the age-old issue of determining college soccer's place in the American soccer spectrum returns to the forefront.

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