Mayfield: I'd Do Drug Rehab for NASCAR Return

Mayfield: I'd Do Drug Rehab for NASCAR Return

Suspended Sprint Cup driver Jeremy Mayfield is ready to do "whatever it takes," including drug rehabilitation, to get reinstated into NASCAR.

Mayfield made the comment on Wednesday after a brief hearing at the Caldwell County Courthouse in which his case involving felony charges for stolen goods and possession of methamphetamine was pushed to March 4.

Mayfield, 43, is hoping to reach a plea bargain deal that does not include jail time on a total of 19 felony charges between Caldwell County and Iredell County.

If he gets his legal issues resolved Mayfield plans to seek reinstatement into NASCAR so he can resume his career if there is an owner willing to take a chance on him. The first step is entering NASCAR's Road to Recovery program.

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