Musburger on Center Stage as Always

Musburger on Center Stage as Always

It’s only fitting that Brent Musburger has found himself embroiled in two controversies in the span of one week. He’s been the most divisive sportscaster on television for as long as I can remember.

It all revolves around the fact that unlike others play-by-play men of his generation such as Keith Jackson and Al Michaels, Musburger has made a career out of injecting himself into his broadcasts.

Whether it’s pushing one of his clichéd catch-phrases (i.e. “You are looking LIVE at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio!”), using hokey words (folks, partner, big fella, etc.), prematurely calling touchdowns, discussing the Las Vegas spread on air or needlessly over-hyping plays (i.e. saying “FIRES!” instead of “throws” on a pass) and situations (I remember him once proclaiming Ohio State was “Dreeeeeeaming of a BCS bid” in an October game vs. Wisconsin that OSU went on to lose), Musburger is more showman than journalist.

And that has led to a huge fracture among viewers based on what they want from a sportscaster.

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