Amid Criticism, Howard Embraces Fun

Amid Criticism, Howard Embraces Fun

Dwight Howard stood in the Lakers' locker room before the Miami game with an arm around his girlfriend.

"Judy," he said, while introducing her to everyone.

That's Judy, as in his imaginary girlfriend, as in take that, Robert Horry.

Now how can you not love a lighthearted soul, who saves his intensity for the court and believes anyone as lucky as he is to be paid playing a game, should smile all the time?

Enough already with the stuffed legends, the ex-Lakers prattling on and on about how things should be done just like they did them.

"You want a guy to be more focused," Horry said of Howard. "That's the kind of guy you want, someone who's focused, not fun-loving."

The Lakers already have that in Kobe Bryant.

But later this from Shaq at halftime on TNT about Howard: "Robert Horry is absolutely correct."

Who are they watching?

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