Time to Usher Out Corrupt NBA Union Chief

Time to Usher Out Corrupt NBA Union Chief

Your first reaction upon hearing that a 469-page report detailing the blatant corruption of Billy Hunter's tenure as executive director of the players' union was sent to every NBA player Thursday might have been: So what? No NBA player is going to bother to read 469 pages about anything.

And you'd be right. For years and years, NBA players have relied on grown men they trusted, hangers-on posing as friends, advisors with advice that benefits only them and leaders who have repeatedly let them down. I hate to be the bearer of bad news –- because the bad news came from the law firm that thoroughly eviscerated Hunter's leadership of the National Basketball Players Association on Thursday –- but it's time for all this to stop.

It's time for NBA players, and athletes in general, to wake the hell up.

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