Bowl Season Boring, So Something's Gotta Give

Bowl Season Boring, So Something's Gotta Give

The stadium was less than half full, and the two teams either didn't want to be there or didn't deserve it.


So I walked into the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium last month as a fan, prepared to watch Rutgers play Virginia Tech in the Russell Athletic Bowl. Then I looked at my ticket and realized something has to change.

The ticket, in a corner of the upper bowl, was a gift from a friend. The face value: $72.


Who in their right mind will pay that kind of money for that kind of game?


"Now is the time," SEC commissioner Mike Slive said, "to see if there's a better way."


Let's not stop with a better way; let's go all the way. If we've already radically changed the way college football will determine its national champion, let's go one step further and radically change the way the rest of the postseason plays out.


It's time to change the bowl system — in every sense of the system. From the games, to the dates they're played, to — most important — how the teams are selected.

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