It's Not Easy Being a Laker These Days

It's Not Easy Being a Laker These Days

To smile or not to smile? Bench or start Pau Gasol? Use Kobe Bryant heavily or rest him a bit?


The questions keep permeating the Lakers, winners of 17 games, losers of 22, keepers of 11th place in the Western Conference.


Worst things first: The Lakers might have another mess on their hands. Gasol wants to start games and finish them. Coach Mike D'Antoni isn't so sure about that.


Gasol came off the bench Thursday in the Lakers' 99-90 loss to Miami, a move characterized by D'Antoni as a way to slowly bring him back after the four-time All-Star missed five games because of a concussion.


So Earl Clark starts again Sunday at Toronto?


"We'll see," D'Antoni said. "I don't know if that's viable. I'm hearing vibes that [Gasol] probably doesn't like that. That's just a wild guess."

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