Lance Brings Us to End of Innocence

Lance Brings Us to End of Innocence

In case you haven’t heard, Lance Armstrong has confessed to doping during his cycling career. All of the faux moral posturing can now officially stop.

I’m not talking about Lance. I’m talking about the steady stream of former teammates, employees and even journalists who as recently as this week were still apparently awakening to the reality that a Stage 4-cancer survivor competing in the most grueling, steroid-soaked sport in the world was powered by more than just his God-given strength and will. I’m talking about those who expressed offense at the (equally obvious) revelation that Armstrong’s doping program was highly organized, as if it would have somehow been better if he had shot himself up with dirty needles in a dark alley of some medieval European town.

Now that our long era of shattered innocence is finally over, it’s time to move past the sanctimony and outrage and proceed with a more sensible conversation about drugs and sports.

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